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The simple, serious and robust  
employee experience

With Bleexo, our client improve employees' engagement and performance, accelerate their transformations, and empower employees: they strengthen their leadership.

Like more than 150 customers,

join companies that use Bleexo.

Designed to meet

all of your needs.

From the configuration of the platform to the use of data.

Complete support

With Bleexo, managers avoid it being too late, the manager learns in real time the effects of his management.

Bleexo is simple to understand, easy to use, and above all the tool does
not create any pressure on HR or on the manager, nor on the employee.
I am sure that soon nobody will imagine managing and piloting
HR without tools like Bleexo.


Bleexo is a comprehensive tool for measuring the social climate and coaching managers. It's a real gold mine for us, HR! Our managers had only
one request, simplicity! We needed a tool that was useful
and easy to administer.

This is what Bleexo offers us: ease and simplicity.


The Bleexo platform is useful for me to obtain regular feedback from my employees (every two weeks) and to measure their engagement on the spot.

The use of this tool is facilitated by the possibility of interacting via his smartphone. I can respond to comments posted by members of my team anonymously, which facilitates freedom of speech.

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