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With SchoolMouv, Bleexo supports the development of managers to enhance their positions and help them develop.

Interview with Lisbeth Verrept, HR Manager at SchoolMouv

“An effective solution for developing managers and enhancing their skills”

Because self-knowledge is the first step towards self-improvement, SchoolMouv has been using the Bleexo 360° Feedback module for 2 years to support employees, strengthen teams and offer each manager the chance to progress.

Getting started with this 100% customisable module was very easy, thanks to templates and pre-populated question banks. Lisbeth Verrept and her teams appreciate being able to launch 360° Feedback surveys in just a few clicks and read the results via consolidated views and highly visual dashboards.

A fast-growing EdTech startup, they almost doubled their staff numbers in a year, rising to 50 employees in 2021.

Finally, an effective way of developing managers!

We have been using 360° for 2 years at SchoolMouv. We find this module very useful for obtaining feedback on our managers. We currently use 360° in parallel to our managers’ annual performance reviews with senior management and we have also launched 360° with their team members.

This gives us multi-source visibility, with varying feedback to improve our understanding of what is happening within each team and how each key manager position is handled in our company. Our managers grow and we can help them upskill.

An effective solution for enhancing skills within teams

As HR Manager at SchoolMouv, I would like to launch 360° surveys with other employees as well because we see the advantages this module brings us. Being able to get varied feedback on each employee (and not just on our managers) would be a major plus. Being able to assess employees would also give them an overall view of their development rather than a purely vertical view.

The only barrier to this project is lack of time but it is in the pipeline.

With 360° Feedback, I have noticed a real before and after picture.

With 360°, we gain additional visibility and a better understanding of relations between each employee and their manager. We’re lucky at SchoolMouv, there is a great rapport within our teams so feedback is generally very positive, which enhances engagement and cohesion in our teams.

The actions we set up are based more on the fortnightly Bleexo surveys of employees to assess their well-being at work.