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Meet Stephane

Meet Stephane

I began my working life like delivery man…

1 January 2017, I’m 50 this year.

I began my working as a life delivering frozen bread, selling shampoo and packing CDs, not to mention serving thousands of ice creams. After graduating, I worked in marketing for big international groups and some fantastic SMEs, before setting up my first HR company, now a market leader, which thrust me into the world of management and running a business.

At times fulfilled and happy, at others frustrated and irritated.

I’m 50 and, at each point in my career, I’ve at times felt fulfilled and happy, at others frustrated and irritated, sometimes even downright unhappy at work.

It's my manager's fault!

As an employee, it was easy. I could just point the finger at the company bosses or my manager. When I became the boss and manager, the tables turned. Despite my efforts to create a nice, rewarding work environment for everyone, I regularly unexpectedly lost staff I hadn’t wanted to lose and occasionally noticed a bad atmosphere in the office. It left me with that uncomfortable feeling of missing something, despite wanting and trying to do the right thing.

That uncomfortable feeling that something’s missing.

I don’t think anyone wants to do a bad job when they come to work in the morning. The problem lies in a lack of constructive feedback of all kinds and between all levels of an organisation’s hierarchy. How can you develop a solution if you don’t know the problem? How can you adapt if you don’t understand what’s going wrong? How can you interact if you have no reliable feedback? In HR and management, knowledge is power.

So I founded Bleexo.

I’m 50 and an entrepreneur through and through. I firmly believe that only those organisations that can build a system where employees, managers, HR teams and executives work together intelligently will succeed. This is why I founded Bleexo.

My team and I created Bleexo to make it simpler, healthier and easier for people to work together.

We created the Bleexo Manifesto to guide us. These help us with how we operate as a company and guide our developments and R&D. They are also our way of telling you who we are. They are our DNA.

If they speak to you, you will very likely join us on our journey, whether as clients, partners or future Bleexo employees.

Till then,


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