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Why this logo ?

Why this logo ?

At Bleexo, we love our logo.
Here, we shed some light on its design.

What do you see?

Above the name “Bleexo” is a shape that is curved on one side and pointed on the other. This shape is made up of many dots of different sizes and colours. The white space within the dots forms the shape of a “B”, which has the same curved/pointed design.

What do we see?

We wanted this mesh of dots of different colours and sizes to convey 3 ideas that are vital to us:

- Bleexo is a suite of tools. These tools are fully integrated with one another. They have different purposes and usages. They are aimed at different users. They complement and feed into one another. They form a single coherent whole.

- An organisation is the sum of its people and teams, with all their differences (job functions, ages, cultures, languages, responsibilities, etc.). These differences can either work against one another or create intellectual, emotional and even financial value – for each individual and the organisation as a whole. The different modules of the Bleexo suite allow these different groups of users to work together seamlessly.

- The “shape within a shape” design is a mise en abyme that reflects the virtuous circle championed by Bleexo, which encompasses happy employees, supported managers, an HR team with access to a wealth of useful data and executives who are in touch with their teams. The organisation is a system where everything is connected. Bleexo supports a virtuous circle whereby quality of work life.