360° feedback

Organise regular, constructive, “development-oriented” 360° feedback quickly and easily with Bleexo.

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At Bleexo, we’ve completely rethought the 360° feedback process to make it:

- constructive for managers

- quick for participants

- simple for employees

Make your life easier

- Intuitive, user-friendly interface

- A collective process that requires little time and effort

- Real time

- Very fast to implement

- Revealing, easy-to-interpret reports

Focus on development, rather than evaluation

The 360° feedback module gives all managers access to 360° feedback. Your decisions no longer have to be dictated by budgetary constraints or the pressure placed on resources.

360° feedback can inform the development process of each manager. By comparing discrepancies in results between their own perceptions and those of various stakeholders, managers can adopt a targeted, constructive approach to making improvements.

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