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When a company uses Bleexo it is tangible proof that it has invested heavily in the quality of its employees’ working lives. It promotes a culture of transparency and attentive listening. It knows that a high level of cooperation between teams, management, HR and executives is the key to success.

How to get the Bleexo label

The Bleexo label demonstrates a company’s close interest in the 10 themes that determine Quality of Working Life.

1. Relationships with colleagues:

Everyone feels well integrated in their company.

2. Strategy:

The strategy is shared, explained and understood by all.

3. Well-being:

Work-life balance is a priority.

4. Working conditions:

The physical environment and organisation are designed so that everyone can work effectively.

5. Personal development:

Being able to grow as a person in one’s job.

6. Relationship with manager:

Empathy, compassion, support and feedback are at the forefront of managerial relations.

7. Meaning:

Sharing the company’s values and making work meaningful.

8. Recognition and fairness:

Developing the sense of recognition, assessing fairly and with compassion.

9. Autonomy:

Initiative and clarity of objectives.

10. Impact:

Feeling heard and knowing that one’s work has an impact on overall performance.