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Bleexo provides its employee surveys tool free of charge

In these complicated times linked to the coronavirus crisis, take advantage of this survey tool to allow your employees to express themselves and your company to understand and support its employees.

A dedicated consultant will accompany you in the implementation of the tool within your company.

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Like them, adopt Bleexo

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Employee surveys : Keep track of team morale with pulse surveys

Companies use Bleexo’s intuitive, fully customisable Pulse module, with its choice of automated or custom surveys, to make the right HR decisions, improve their employee experience and make their teams more efficient.

Base your decisions on objective results.

Use pulse surveys to get anonymised quantitative and semantic analysis, in real time.

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Prioritise your initiatives and measure their ROI.

With algorithm analyses, benchmarks and segmentation functionalities, our dashboards are designed to support your decision-making.

Stop wasting time presenting your data and formatting your reports.

With Bleexo, everything is automated, from survey reports to analysis of early warning signs, diagnostics, profiling, mapping and much more!

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