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When a company uses Bleexo it is tangible proof that it has invested heavily in the quality of its employees’ working lives. It promotes a culture of transparency and attentive listening. It knows that a high level of cooperation between teams, management, HR and executives is the key to success.

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Get the Bleexo label and be recognised as a company that invests in HR.

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To get the Bleexo label all you have to do is roll out Bleexo surveys in your company. It’s simple.

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But why so simple?
Because we know and have verified with all our customers that giving your employees a voice and analysing their feedback in real time will drive your company forward.

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Bleexo creates a beneficial virtuous circle. Everyone is a winner: employees, teams, HR and managers. The quality of working life improves. Cooperation levels increase. Transparency and engagement take an important step forward.