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Us, Ombeline, Bastien, Andréa, Sarah, Fabrice, Guillaume, Clémence, Rémi, Allison, Jonathan ...
Not just a group photo of us all smiles in our company T-shirts or headshots with pretentious job titles. We want to tell you who we really are..

We are inclusive.

As Bleexo has grown, so has our team, with new arrivals soon feeling like old hands. As if by magic, our “core” has become bigger.

We are straightforward.

For us, being straightforward is key. We want people who are confident, but not arrogant. Who are truly positive, not just on the outside. People who have their own style, where what you see is what you get. To each their own at Bleexo. Ugne sings, Sylvain gets in late and Angélique can often be found barefoot. Authenticity is hugely important to us.

Straightforward people make for straightforward work: we keep our processes simple to design and develop simple functionalities.

Being straightforward also means leaving your ego at the door. There’s no need to worry about undoing something that took time to do, about not knowing who came up with an idea, about uniting around someone else’s solution, provided it takes our company forward: “We make Bleexo, Bleexo makes us”.

We are robust.

At Bleexo, we are completely in step and share the same vision, so decision-making is decentralised as far as is possible. The person who does something, knows about it. So that person makes the decisions. This means that each of us is incredibly robust in terms of our capabilities, intellectual rigour and work ethic. This strength is made possible by the fact that we are constantly training and learning and that the work we do is rooted in constructive debate and our close-knit structure: we are all independent and interdependent.

We move organisations up a gear.

We share the belief that the world of work is changing and are guided by our 10 core values. We are here to help our clients manage this complex transition. We come up with solutions and pick up early warning signs to turn theory into everyday workplace practice. To give as many people as possible the opportunity to have the best. To give older organisations that are lagging behind the opportunity to catch up with younger, more agile ones. To give “poor” organisations tools that used to be the preserve of the rich.

We like our cofounders.

Two saxophonists, brought together by music. Sylvain is a mathematical engineer and specialist in IT security and computer architecture, who worked for many years at Airbus and Atos. Stéphane comes from the world of HR. 20 years ago, he founded, a change-management consultancy that is now a market leader. One excels in the “container”, the other its content; they are the Yin and Yang, each with their own style.

We are Toulousains.

Although Bleexo is used around the world, from France to India, Italy and the Czech Republic, Toulouse is its home. Some of us were born here, others elsewhere, but we’ve all adopted the city’s culture and way of life. In practical terms, being based in Toulouse means we’re outside the Paris start-up bubble, which, from our perspective, can blinker companies, resulting in uniform products and ways of thinking. We feel far away from that world where what matters is who’s raised the most capital.

Toulouse's population is growing by 12,000 people each year, testament to the city’s warm, welcoming culture. It has an authenticity that is driven by its rugby culture and community values. It is a land of good tech and the good life. Here, when you say Merci, you always get an Avec plaisir! (“my pleasure”). Need we say more?!

We are singers, vegetarians, carnivores, dancers…

We are singers, vegetarians, carnivores, dancers, footballers, smokers, yoga fiends, artists, masseurs, cardsharps, karaoke lovers, party animals, bookworms, globetrotters, hikers, foodies, junk-foodies, medieval reenactors and much, much more.

We are Bleexo.